Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nico's first day of kindergarten

Nico is growing up too fast - this week, he had his first day of kindergarten at Roxboro Elementary School in Cleveland Heights.

We've taken Nico to the school a few times already, so the building was not unfamiliar to him. For the past two years, we've taken him to the Roxboro Arts Festival. In April, we attended the Kindergarten Open House and registered him, met the kindergarten teachers and principal, and took a tour of the school.

On Thursday, he had an orientation day where parents stuck around for the first two hours. Vic walked Nico to school, while I drove. We debated whether or not I should even go, since I'm supposed to be on modified bed rest. In the end, though, I decided to go - I couldn't bear to miss such a milestone in Nico's life. Plus, once I parked myself into one of those teeny kiddie chairs, I was able to stay put for most of the orientation session.

Nico was so excited about kindergarten. He wore his black Transformers glow-in-the-dark Autobot logo t-shirt that Auntie Linda got him for his birthday. The shirt has "Nico 5" ironed on the back and Nico loves it. He also wore new Cars running shoes that Ah-ma bought him and a new Cars backpack that Vic and I got him from Target. I'm not really into getting him things that are plastered with brands and action figures, but Nico thinks plain clothes and gear without characters on them are boring and he only wants to wear things that are "awesome".

We learned that Nico's school is trying something new this year with the kindergartners. Instead of randomly assigning the students to the teachers, for the first three weeks, the students will spend time with both teachers in groups that will flow back and forth. At the end of the period, we will find out who the permanent assigned teacher will be. For now, Nico's home teacher will be Mrs. Miracle, who looks very young and is stunningly pretty. Vic and I wondered if Nico would notice. He didn't. He was too busy playing with the "awesome" toys in the room.


linda said...

haha. OF course he would have a great first day of kindergarten with his *awesome* transformers t-shirt. ;)

ps- i want to see Mrs. Miracle! hehe.

Chris said...

I want to see Mrs. Miracle, too.

Chris said...

And is it just me, or does "Mrs Miracle" sound like the newest member of the X-Men?

Sandy Lee said...


This is your long lost friend, Sandy Lee. I found your blog and wanted to say Hi! Sounds like you are doing well and are keeping busy. Looks like I may be in the Cleveland area next August for Judy Chang's wedding. That would be great to see you again. We are living in Virginia, near DC now. I have a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. Drop me a line at