Thursday, September 20, 2007

New brother for Nico

Nico is very excited about being a big brother!

During the second trimester, we began to prepare him for the arrival of a new sibling. We kept him involved in the progress of the pregnancy. Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, Nico would often ask to speak to the baby. He would rest his face on my abdomen and say, "Hello Baby! This is Nico, your big brother..." After that, he would tell the baby about his day, sing a song or vent about things that bothered him. One day after I scolded him about something, he told me he needed to speak to the baby immediately. He then announced to my belly, "Hello Baby! This is Nico, your big brother. I'm sorry, but your mama is a booty head. Sorry about that."

Vic and I were worried that Nico would resent having someone intruding on his turf. So we enrolled him in a Sibling Preparation class at the hospital and read books to him about babies and families. Nico was particularly interested in a book that really isn't geared toward children: "A Child Is Born". He was fascinated by the photos and often studied them before falling asleep at night.

On the day of Nolan's birth, Vic picked up Nico from school and brought him to the hospital. Nico was thrilled to meet his new brother. He wanted to kiss him over and over!

It was amazing to see Nico so ecstatic about the arrival of his brother. I was also happy (and surprised) to see what Nico had picked out to wear for the day: a t-shirt that says, "I love Mommy".

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