Thursday, September 20, 2007

Family ties

Although Nolan will not remember it, some day we will tell him that many of his family members were there to welcome him on his first day.

For me, I feel very lucky that I was able to have both my mom and sister present for the birth of both my children. When I gave birth to Nico, we lived in California and my mom flew out from Ohio to be there for the special day. This time, with us back living in Cleveland again, my sister flew from California to Ohio to be here for Nolan's birth.

As was the case with Nico, Aunt Linda and (maternal grandmother) Ah-ma were present at the hospital during his birth. Nolan was also greeted later in the day by his big brother Nico, his maternal grandfather Ah-gong, his paternal grandfather Grandpa Rich, and Grandma Marilyn.

Vic and I are blessed to have so much support from our family. It was wonderful being able to share this special day with them.

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