Monday, August 27, 2007

Delivery date scheduled!

So I had my weekly appointment with my obstetrician today and it went well. The baby is growing, his heart rate is OK, my blood pressure and weight are OK and the fetal monitoring results are all right. It looks like I'll have to do the fetal monitoring every time I come in now, though.

The big news from the appointment is that we have decided to schedule an early cesarean section. Because of the high-risk nature of the pregnancy, the surgery will take place shortly after I am full term - between Week 37 and Week 38. So, unless I experience any more complications that will result in me going back to Labor and Delivery sooner, the baby will be delivered on Thursday, September 20!

I guess we better pick a name soon.


Claire said...

Yay, ETA is set! I guess the delivery date betting pool is off...

BTW, Mills was saying "Enzo" over and over again tonight in a cute sing-song way, so he is not wavering on his vote on the name!

Bethany said...

When you say "Help Name", we say "Enzo!"

Can't wait to meet him!