Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nico's school pictures* - take our poll!

We just received Nico's school photo today. I don't know if we should schedule a retake or just let things be. Nico went to school with his hair washed and neatly combed, but when he got there, he enlisted a friend to help him style his hair into a mohawk (or more accurately, a fauxhawk). Voila! Here is Nico's third grade picture:

Nico's 3rd grade pic

Last year's photo was OK. Nico wore the corduroy jacket I picked out for him and he kinda smiled. He told me later that he had actually practiced this particular smirk. Here is Nico's second grade picture:

Nico's 2nd grade pic

The previous year, for his first grade school picture, Nico put on the nice blue sweater I picked out for the occasion. Unbeknownst to me, he wore a Transformers Optimus Prime t-shirt underneath that he had planned all along to wear for the photo shoot. So, when he got to school, he took off his sweater and "forgot" to put it back on. For his photo, he has an odd smug/guilty expression on his face. Here is Nico's first grade picture:

Nico's 1st grade pic

Vic and I are not sure if we should settle for this year's current photo or schedule a retake. We don't know if the grandparents will want an 8X10 photo of their grandson being a prankster, but then again, the image really does capture his essence. Help us decide.

Should Nico sign up for a school photo retake?

* Sorry for the blurry, weirdly orange-tinted images - I don't have access to a scanner, so I just snapped cameraphone pics of these photos.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nolan's school picture - progress!

Apologies for being one of *those* parents who overshares every detail about her kids all the time. I just picked up Nolan's school photo today, though, and am so delighted that I have to post it:

Nolan's school pic 2010

I have to admit that I completely forgot about Picture Day this year, which is why Nolan is wearing a hoodie (it's pretty much what he wears every day). This year's picture is a huge improvement over last year, when I was prepared and dressed him in a lovely sweater. I thought I had everything covered, but, well, see for yourself:

Nolan's school pic 2009

We should be getting Nico's school photo any day now. He has already warned me that it's not going to be pretty. Hmm.