Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nico loses his first tooth!

Finally. Nico lost his first loose tooth! After being wiggly for more than two months, the little thing finally fell out today.

Vic and I were starting to worry about the tooth. All of Nico's same-age friends have lost several teeth already and have moved on to their "big" teeth. I fretted that Nico would develop a mustache before losing his baby teeth. (It's not implausible - childhood photos of Vic suggest that he really should have started shaving at age eight.)

Nico's tooth had been loose for so long that its neighboring tooth started trembling too. Nico explained the situation once he noticed it: "It's like the two teeth are hugging each other and saying, 'Hold on!'"

Then, two permanent teeth started jutting up behind the two loose baby teeth. So for a while, Nico had two rows of teeth in his mouth, stadium-seating style.

This afternoon, after many close calls over apples and corn on the cob this summer, the first wiggly tooth finally gave in. This is a major milestone for Nico, my soon-to-be second-grader.