Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Feasting at festivals

August in Cleveland means two of my favorite festivals - the Feast of the Assumption and the Greek Festival. (Festivals with food? I'm there!)

This year, we strolled Nolan (Nico rode his bike) down to Little Italy for the Feast. We chowed down on cavatelli and pizza and rode the carnival rides all afternoon. Nico was really into it, as you can see by the photo of him wearing a red, white and green "Italia" headband.

The following weekend, we went to a wonderful Greek Festival in our neighborhood. We met up with friends and enjoyed another Mediterranean feast. We aren't a religious family, but Nico asked us if this is our church since he has attended three Greek Festivals and two christenings there.

We had to explain to Nico that he is not Greek Orthodox, but this cultural confusion thing is really starting to concern me. I think it's time for Chinese School.

Aside from the delicious food, I'm glad the boys are getting exposed to different cultures. Nico is curious and eager to learn, so we're making a very conscious effort to educate him about his heritage and others'.