Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bundle of joy

Since Nolan arrived via a scheduled c-section, it was a much different experience from the labor and delivery ordeal I had with Nico (14 hours of induced labor, failed vacuum extraction, emergency c-section). By the time Nico was born, I was exhausted and delirious. With Nolan, I was awake and alert.

As you can see from this photo of me taken after Nolan's delivery, I am smiling. In the photo of me taken after Nico was born (no, I'm not going to post it!), I looked like I emerged from sort of major natural disaster - a tornado or something!

After Nolan was born, I was allowed to hold and cuddle him in the recovery room almost immediately after he was delivered. I kept saying over and over to Vic, "I'm so happy, I'm so relieved!" The pregnancy had been stressful and emotional, especially in the last trimester when I was on modified bed rest, so I felt incredibly blessed to be able to hold a healthy baby boy in my arms at last.

Vic and I are so happy.

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linda said...

wow. awesome photos. what an eye that photographer has. ;)