Friday, July 6, 2007

Chronic placental abruption = modified bed rest

When I had to go to Labor and Delivery the other day, right before I was discharged, the nurse (midwife?) gave me paperwork that classified my condition as "chronic placental abruption".

My OB-GYN said that when I had the first bleeding episode, if we had had to deliver the baby then, the chances for survival would have been low. I asked him when he would feel that the baby's chances would be better. He said he'd like to see us get to Week 30 at least. He ordered another ultrasound too.

Now that there's an official label attached to the situation, is seems that my pregnancy is being managed differently. Because this is regarded as a high-risk pregnancy, the doctor has ordered modified bed rest. He asked me how I felt about bed rest and seemed to sense my reluctance to accept it. He said he had medical justification to order full bed rest at this point and asked me about my work situation.

While I want to avoid full bed rest and yet protect my health and the baby's, I would still like to be a productive employee for as long as possible. So I am allowed to work from home for now, but if I have another episode of external bleeding, the doctor will most likely order full bed rest for me for the duration of the pregnancy.


sarah said...

I had a "chronic abruption" stay on bedrest, I had a stillborn and totally blame myself for not doing it although the doctor told me that I was not on complete bedrest, she had no idea what was going on. Now I have thousands of dollars in medical bills and no baby

Anonymous said...

go on complete bedrest..if your baby doesnt make it, you will never let yourself get over it. hospital bedrest is really where you should be. I did 10 weeks of hospital bedrest and i think the total was 14 blood transfusions and went into shock at least 3 times a can do it. I did, and my baby is alive

Lisa said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your baby. That is heartbreaking.

Anonymous, thankfully, my experience happened nearly three years ago. I gave birth to a baby boy who is now a robust toddler.

I'm so grateful to women like both of you who are willing to share their hard-earned life experiences with other women. Thank you.

LauraLounsbury said...

I am 23 weeks pregnant and have experienced 3 "episodes" of bleeding, each one less than the first which was pretty bad. I am seeing a midwife but I got an ultrasound and baby/placenta look fine, movement is fine, heartbeat fine. Just wondering if you could email me and clue me in more on your experience and how they diagnosed you with this chronic placental abruption. I have been on self prescribed bed rest for about 2 months now, with moderate activity in between. Thank you..

K said...

Hi, I'm on bedrest at 18 weeks because I tested positive for the kleidhauer test which tests fetal blood in mothers blood, no signs of tear on ultrasound but the doctors have ordered modified bed rest until follow up. I'm scared! I want baby! I feel better when I move around a bit but I'm not really clear what modified bed rest is. K

Lisa said...

Hi K. I never quite figured out what modified bed rest was either. I know I wasn't allowed to exercise and I was really supposed to refrain from walking around unless absolutely necessary. It was very limiting and frustrating at the time, but I was grateful that I ended up with a beautiful baby boy who started kindergarten this week!