Monday, April 7, 2008

Boy colds

Sick boys
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Q: What is worse than having one husband with a man cold?
A: Having two sons with boy colds.

The whole family is sick.

Vic and I took both boys to the doctor last week and yes, both Nico and Nolan have ear infections. Nolan also has a wheezing problem that means we need to have him on a nebulizer three times a day. He might have asthma. I'm hoping the wheezing goes away. We did spend a lot of time around cats last weekend, so maybe he's just allergic to them like I am.

Vic and I are sick too, and both of us are exhausted from taking care of the boys. My mom has caught the bug too, so she is also tired.

Check out this pic of the boys at the doctor's office. Nico looks half-conscious and Nolan is crying.

Yep, that pretty much sums up how this week has been.

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Anonymous said...

waaaaahhhhhh!!!! aaaaahhhhh!!!!!! %%%$$##@@@@*****++++++!!!!~! Sounds like a regular old day at the office for me.