Monday, April 14, 2008

We heart soccer!

It's soccer time!

This spring, Nico is playing in a different league from the one he had been in the past two seasons in the fall. We started Nico in soccer probably much earlier than we should have. At age four, he really didn't do much but run around in circles a lot. Most of the time, we had to yell, "Turn around! Turn AROUND!" One time, when he was goalkeeper, he lifted up his shirt and actually gazed at his belly button.

Anyhow, Nico is five (and a half!) now, so we expect he will be much better this time around. The weather was kinda bad for the first game this past Saturday, so I stayed home with Nolan, while Vic and Nico headed out. I felt bad for missing the first game, but luckily, my friend Chris captured the essence of the experience on camera. In the photo, Nico is the guy on the sidelines, hands pulled into his sleeves, looking absolutely miserable.

Yay, soccer!


Chris said...

Honestly, I find gazing at my navel more exciting than watching soccer, too.

linda said...

yeah. as a former child soccer player myself, i think it's perfectly fine to stand around and look miserable while playing sports at any age. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture- really, pictures speak waaaaay more than words!!

Marsha B. said...

If it is any consolation, when my youngest was 5, she decided it was more fun to chase a butterfly down the field rather than a soccer ball. What a precious memory. At age 4, is winning really important?