Tuesday, April 29, 2008

May the Force be with you, UMC!

Chiubacca cake
Originally uploaded by Chiubacca

(That's the sound a Wookie makes when s/he says goodbye.)

Today, at work, my friends and colleagues in University Marketing and Communications threw a goodbye lunch for me, complete with a Chewbacca cake! It was really nice. The cake, in particular, was incredible. You probably can't tell by my cameraphone photo, but the bangs on Chewbacca are really well done!

I have one minor flaw to point out, though: Shouldn't the first set of quotation marks be right before "Chiubacca" instead of "We'll"? I guess it could be worse - the quotes could have been around "miss", i.e. "We'll 'Miss' You".

Even though I'll be sad to leave my UMC pals, especially the media relations team, I'm looking forward to my new role at the university - heading up marketing and communications for the College of Arts and Sciences, my undergraduate alma mater.


Chris said...

Send the picture in here:

linda said...

super cute cake!

Lisa said...

I wish I had taken a photo of the church sign that said "Happy Birthday, 'Jesus'!"

jonathan said...

The picture makes it look more like a crazed muppet than a wookie.

T-Rot said...

The cake was okay, but the icing, the icing was made by angels.
And here's an effective way for you to sound out ready-made holiday cards (like the 4th of July for example):


Bash said...

I never did get round to congratulating you on the professional move, so here goes - MORE GREASE TO YOUR ELBOWS!!! (will explain what that means when next we see :-).