Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moody? Who, me?

Self-observations during Week 33 of this pregnancy:

1. I'm hot.
2. I'm huge.
3. I'm crabby.

This past week was a rough one. For a few days, the temperature was around 95 degrees. And we don't have air conditioning. Being pregnant, I'm already a furnace so it was a pretty uncomfortable week for me. My sleep schedule was completely insane.

I am also pretty ginormous now. I am starting to resemble Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (She was the bratty kid who ate a piece of gum that caused her to turn into a large blueberry.)

By the way, for all of you out there who insist on providing color commentary on my girth, folks, I *know* that I am huge. I have been tracking my physical transformation quite closely. So there's no need to inform me that I am big. I already know that. Also, women generally don't like to be told that they are huge, whether or not they are pregnant.

I guess it goes without saying that I've been pretty cranky this week. I hope next week is better.


Bethany said...

I think you look beautiful!

Vic said...

I love blueberries!