Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nico's 5th birthday

Nico had his 5th birthday party over the weekend. It went well, but was still a bit stressful and tiring. It was totally worth it, though! Nico and his preschool pals had a great time.

Since I'm supposed to be on modified bed rest, Vic and I had decided it would be too much work to have the party in our back yard this year, as we had done the past two years. So we chose to have the party at Memphis Kiddie Park, an amusement park for preschoolers - you have to be 50 inches or shorter to ride all but three of the rides - hoping it would be much easier for me. I planned to sit in the shelter area and supervise, while Vic accompanied Nico on all the rides.

It sounded like a good plan. Overall, the party went well. I was surprised to find that the park had really strict rules on everything, though. No outside food except for cake and ice cream. No coolers. The time limit for unlimited rides is exactly two hours long (They announce on a loudspeaker, "If you are wearing a teal bracelet, your ride time is over!"). You must surrender your ride access bracelet in order to get a balloon and popcorn. No exceptions.

Still, the party was a lot of fun. We arrived at the park after many of our guests had arrived already, though, so that was a little embarrassing.
My sister came in town to help celebrate Nico's birthday, so she was able to help out a lot.

Nico had picked out Transformers as his theme, so one of the highlights of the party was seeing 20 kids running around with Optimus Prime masks. I spent hours assembling those things (I guess that's one good thing that came from modified bed rest)! I'll try to post a photo soon.

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