Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Labor and delivery - already?

I had to go to the hospital yesterday. I was at work and bleeding a bit again, so I called my OB-GYN to let him know, thinking he'd tell me to take it easy and stay off my feet until my appointment with him today. At worst, I thought he'd have me to go back to University Hospitals for another round of ultrasounds. I was completely unprepared when he ordered me to go to LABOR AND DELIVERY! I was so thrown off guard that I asked him to repeat that and he did. He said that at my stage of the pregnancy, the baby is not quite viable, so I should go to the hospital for monitoring.

As soon as I hung up, I burst into tears. I really wasn't expecting to set foot in the labor and delivery unit until October. So I called Vic, crying, and we tried to figure out what to do. Since I work in a large shared office, my co-workers heard me on the phone and came over as soon as I hung up. It had been an unusual day in the office, as it was the first day for the new university president and we had received a number of media requests for interviews with her. I hated leaving in the middle of it, but my supervisor, John, came over and gently told me to go to the hospital and "take care of what's important". Susan drove to my house to pick up Vic so he could go to UH with me. Jason and Laura told me to go to the hospital and not worry about work at all. It was really great to have all their support.

It was weird being in a labor and delivery unit without being in labor. Changing into a hospital gown and wearing a patient bracelet, I couldn't help but think about the last time I did this, nearly five years ago when Nico was born. I spent a few hours in the hospital so the medical team could monitor the baby's heartbeat, contractions, etc. They also did some urine and blood tests. The OB-GYN on call was great - it turns out that he lives in our neighborhood and that we were in the same fifth grade class!

Everything is OK, but the charge nurse told me I may have to go through this a few more times until I actually deliver. *sigh*


managementprof said...

I hope you won't have to take any more trips to L&D before your baby is fully prepared for life outside the womb.

I'll do my best to call in the next few days! Still no furniture for us... camping in a rental townhome is an interesting experience.

Lisa said...

Thanks for your message, Sandy. So far, the baby is doing well, so I hope we can hold on until October!