Monday, May 22, 2006

See you next year, Cavs

I keep saying that I'm not going to care about Cleveland sports anymore, but just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. It's so heartbreaking!

Unless you've been a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, it's hard to relate to what I'm saying. But when you face disappointment season after season, year after year, it really starts to get to you. It's not a superficial concern - I'm convinced that there are some public health implications here. For instance, I wonder if there's any correlation between performance of the Indians/Browns/Cavs and northeast Ohio hypertension rates. Hmmm. Anyhow, I'm sad that the Cavs' run is over, but they went further than I expected, so I tip my hat to them. Wait 'til next year, I guess.

It's amazing to see how Cleveland sports teams bring together people across race, culture and class boundaries. There have been times when my husband and my parents, Taiwanese immigrants, have sat in silence trying to think of things to say to each other. Then my dad will say, "Did you watch the Cavs yesterday?" and he and Vic will talk for a good half hour about that.

When I lived in California, I didn't encounter too many people who felt such an attachment to their city's sports teams. I had a roommate who was a diehard San Francisco 49ers fan, but it's easy to follow a (then) successful team. I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing that Clevelanders are so attached to their teams. I guess it does build some sort of sense of community or shared experience.

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