Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Parents as lifelong learners

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time with some of Nico's classmates' parents. Often, you find your friends based on proximity - people who live near you or people you work with and see every day. But besides the fact that we all send our children in the same preschool program, I'm developing wonderful friendships with some of the other parents.

I met many parents last year when the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school district planned to close Millikin, its day care facility. Several parents became actively involved in ensuring that the school system stay committed to quality early childhood education programming. After spending a lot of time meeting and planning with these parents, I've come to really admire them.

At Case's commencement this May, along with Vic, some of Nico's classmates' parents earned advanced degrees too. One graduated with a PhD in organization behavior, and another finished a law degree (at the top of her class! With two daughters, one born just months before graduation!).

It's really inspiring to see that while we are all focused on our children's education, as parents, we are committed to our own continuing education too.

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