Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Schools and community

Over the past weekend, Nico and I walked over to the Roxboro Arts Festival. It was a great event! Even though Nico won't be starting kindergarten until next fall, it was nice to bring him to the festival. There were plenty of activities for preschoolers like him. At the arts and crafts area, he made a stained "glass" (colored paper) decoration, a pencil holder and a beaded necklace.

I saw a bunch of people from Case there - a dean, a physics professor, a marketing staffer, etc. I also some familiar faces from various school district organizations, parents who are deeply involved in the schools. I also noticed that there was a good mix of cultures represented at the event. It's not often that I find that in Cleveland, although I do experience it a lot living in Cleveland Heights. It's one of the biggest reasons why we chose to live there.

There was live music at the event and a lot of vendors selling jewelry and handicrafts. You could even purchase art created by the Cleveland Heights school students. The food area was great too - there was a nice assortment of treats, from the healthy (fresh fruit) to the decadent (brownies and ice cream). I was really amazed that along with pizza and burritos, you could get Korean noodles!

The arts festival was an incredible display of community spirit, family involvement and support for the schools. In the next few weeks, the Cleveland Heights-University Heights school district will be deciding on which elementary school to close. I really hope it isn't Roxboro.

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