Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nolan's school picture - progress!

Apologies for being one of *those* parents who overshares every detail about her kids all the time. I just picked up Nolan's school photo today, though, and am so delighted that I have to post it:

Nolan's school pic 2010

I have to admit that I completely forgot about Picture Day this year, which is why Nolan is wearing a hoodie (it's pretty much what he wears every day). This year's picture is a huge improvement over last year, when I was prepared and dressed him in a lovely sweater. I thought I had everything covered, but, well, see for yourself:

Nolan's school pic 2009

We should be getting Nico's school photo any day now. He has already warned me that it's not going to be pretty. Hmm.


Claire said...

someday, I will have to show you my frowny kindergarten pic. These are both adorable!

auntie linda said...

i hope i get a pic of this soon!