Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Indecision 2010

Fine, fine. Nico won the Halloween costume battle. He gets to wear the Grim Reaper costume after all.

Vic and I discussed it at length and since my husband can relate to our first-born son much better than I can, I reluctantly consented to let Nico wear the grisly costume.

BUT he will not be allowed to use the fake blood pump. AND I didn't get him the scepter, lest you think I've completely ignored my instincts as a strict and frugal Taiwanese mom.

Also, here's a slightly edited chat transcript between me and my friend Jon about Nico's Halloween costume this year:

Jon: i want to offer up that we had to either make our costumes when we were kids or buy them with our own money. so if nico wants to make something scary, at least he has to be creative.
me: that's how it was for me too
especially with cheap chinese (taiwanese) immigrant parents
i told nico that even
Jon: right
no dice though, eh?
me: my mom would have been all, "here's some construction paper. good luck"
Jon: right
and if it came down to it
it was ghost or stay home
if you didn't want to put in the work
me: right, here's a pillowcase
and some scissors
Jon: do they even make costumes that gruesome in his size?
me: yes, isn't that ridiculous?
i hate the freaking blood pump
why is that necessary?
Jon: seems over the top to me
me: yeah, he said halloween is about being scary
Jon: well, it could be worse. you could have a daughter that thinks halloween is about being slutty


Chris said...

holy schneez, have the kid make or buy their own costume? that's brilliant!

Lisa said...

Chris, you're kidding, right? You mean the girls haven't been making or buying their costumes all along? You are seriously in jeopardy of losing your Cheap Cheap Cheap crown.

katshepherd said...

Alas, I will never receive a Cheap Cheap Cheap crown, but since my 4 year old is limited with finances and resources, someone had to provide the non-slutty girl costume.