Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween = dressing like a dog

Here's a slightly edited chat transcript between me and my friend Bob about Nico's Halloween costume. This was the third year in a row that Nico wore a dog costume I bought for 10 bucks off of eBay:

Bob: how was halloween???
me: halloween was good
me: nico actually got it this year!
Bob: yeah? did both you and vic take him around?
me: when he and vic returned from trick-or-treating, nico pulled out an eyeball candy and asked if he could eat it
me: but then he got distracted by the trick-or-treaters at the door
me: vic took him, i passed out candy
Bob: what was he?
me: he was a dog for the third year in a row
me: i bought his costume for $10 off ebay 3 years ago
me: and it still fits
me: and i'm a cheap chinese mom so he's going to wear it until it bursts at the seams!
me: :-D
Bob: right! that's great
Bob: are the neighbors like, uh, he's still a dog??
me: well, kimberly, jonathan and others were all "AGAIN???"
me: me: "what is your problem??"
me: them: "next year, we'll buy him a friggin new costume ourselves!
me: me: "whatever. it still fits"
Bob: right...
Bob: but do you think he has it in his head that halloween is when he dresses up like a dog?
Bob: i mean, he won't get the whole, you can be ANYTHING idea
me: well, as i zipped him into the costume, he did say "i want to be a power ranger"
Bob: of course


Chris said...

can thalia have the dog costume when nico outgrows it? i mean, she's chinese and has cheap parents, too.

then when thalia outgrows it, we'll give it back to you for little bo.

Lisa said...

Sure, no problem! This year, Nico was a Power Ranger. You think Thalia will want that one after she's done with the dog costume?