Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vic and Nolan RAWK out at Rock Party

Vic and Nolan RAWK out!
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Our friends Bethany and Jeff threw a super fun rock 'n' roll party that featured karaoke, dancing and Guitar Hero. If you knew my friend Bethany, you'd know that she is an impossibly creative person who goes ALL OUT when she throws a party. This was her best party yet!

This party was for adults only, except for Nolan, who was allowed to come. In the invitation, we were instructed to fill out tech riders that outlined our backstage needs. I demanded a number of items from Whole Foods, along with precise room temperature guidelines and a specific brand of toilet paper for the bathrooms.

When we got to the party, a bouncer checked our IDs and made sure we were on "the list". Apparently, Nolan was on the VIP list. Then, we were given all-access passes to wear around our necks. Nolan even had his own miniature-sized pass, attached to a pacifier holder.

A green room featured all the items from the guests' tech riders. These included Twizzlers, M&Ms (minus the blue ones), chicken wings, Cheetos, Cool Ranch Doritos, beer, Coke, diet Coke, caffeine-free diet Coke, caffeine-free Coke, fresh veggies, fresh berries, hummus and pita chips. The food was adorned with fresh red flowers (as I specified in my tech rider).

The living room was transformed into a karaoke parlor, with an actual stage. The dining room was made into a dance floor, with a strobe light. The guest room became a Guitar Hero haven, where Vic and Nolan rocked out.

Everyone came dressed as a rock star, including Nolan, who wore a baby Harley Davidson t-shirt.

We had a ton of fun. I don't know how Bethany and Jeff will top this one next year.


Bethany said...

I think you mean Vic and NOLAN!

Lisa said...

Oops! Fixed.