Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day with kindergartners

This afternoon, I went to Nico's kindergarten class to help out for an hour during their Valentine's Day party. It was so fun! Nico had a great time. In the photo to the right, he is hugging one of his classmates. (I think they make an adorable couple.)

The kids were awesome and Nico, like last week, was thrilled to have his mom visit his school. Today, he shyly waved to me when I first entered the classroom, but then became bolder as his classmates remembered me and greeted me with "Hi Miss Lisa! Hi Nico's mom!"

Along with a few other parent helpers, I assisted the students in passing out Valentine's Day cards and treats. I also sat down with them and had a great conversation with the students at my table. We talked about our favorite foods (Pizza! Spaghetti! Cake! Cookies!) and then one of them asked me if a killer whale would kill a shark or if a shark would kill a killer whale. I love kindergartners!

The kids were so excited during their party and were surprisingly well behaved the whole time. Nico's teacher is amazing. Mrs. Miracle (yes, that's really her name!) is really organized and has a great command of her class. The students seem to really love and respect her.

Next week, I'm helping out with the Soul Food Dinner/Multicultural Night. It should be awesome.

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saving-faith said...

lol!! Kindergartners are quite adorable!! And I must share something with you. I used to have a neighbour Raunak - a three year old michief bundle. I remember he used to love viewing Lion King songa as he washed down his lunch. One lazy afternoon as we sang and danced about his lunch, of course with Lion King, he stopped and asked,
"Does Lion King eat?"
I answered "Of course!"
Then came "Lion King Dances?"
"Lion King sings?"
after recieving all answes in affirmative, there was a brief pause after which he asked,
"Lion King does potty?"