Saturday, May 26, 2007

Baseball vs. baking cookies

This summer, Nico has been playing on a teeball team in the Heights Youth Sports League: the Diamondbacks. It's going much better than toddler soccer, so far. Part of it, I think, is that Nico is a bit older now (he'll turn five soon) and that he seems to really enjoy being part of a team. He loves when the coach yells, "D-backs, are you ready?" and the team screams back, "YEAHHH!"

Practices and games are hilarious! Some of the kids are really into it, while others really don't want to be there. At one of the games, one of Nico's teammates crossed home plate and instead of high-fiveing her friends after scoring a run, marched right up to her dad and said, "OK, I did it. Now we'll bake cookies, RIGHT?"

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