Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deodorant for Tweens: The Decision

It is time. A mother knows. Her nose knows.

So I took my rising fifth-grade son to Target to buy him his first stick of deodorant. I tend to get overwhelmed when faced with too many choices (why does Baskin Robbins need 31 flavors? That's ridiculous - five should suffice). A wall of men's deodorants stood before me. As expected, I started to panic. It was not as bad as the time I tried to find a certain kind of moisturizer, but it was still not good.

My son was looking to me for wisdom and guidance and I was starting to sweat. (Good thing we were in the deodorant aisle.) Frantically, I called my husband at work. No answer. I texted him. 

In the mean time, Nico was sniffing all the different varieties. He wanted to know why all of the choices said "Men" and not "Boys". The marketing was not working for him - he didn't like the packaging colors or the names of the scents. 

Finally, after a few tries, I got hold of my husband. "Remind me what deodorant brand you use?" I asked Vic, who sounded like he had more important things to worry about. He told me. Nico was hesitant. "What about Gillette Clear Gel?" Nico asked. Vic was annoyed. 

Finally, my cheap Asian mom instincts kicked in and I settled the issue. I found a two-pack for both of them; it had that Target red sale sticker I can't resist. The winner? Speed Stick Ocean Surf deodorant.

Can I smell a bargain or what?


Brenna said...

I don't know how I missed this when you first posted it--hilarious! FWIW, had you texted my husband with that question, he'd have told you to get what was on sale so I'm sure you did the right thing.

Lisa Chiu said...

Yes, always go for what's on sale! Incidentally, I noticed that the women's deodorant section has options for tweens and teens. I don't know what the men's section doesn't.