Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birtay

Nico made me a fantastic birthday card. The front was awesome. Besides writing "HAPPY BIRTAY!" in my favorite color, red, Nico decorated the words with hearts and fireworks. Then he sprinkled Easter egg, flower and football stickers across the page.

The inside of the card showed a scene of me and a large pink and blue rabbit jumping up and down. "You are so cute!" the animal was saying to me, with me answering, "Thank you, Easter bunny!"

Nico wrote a message to me that said:
Dear Mommy, Today is your birthay! I hope you like today. Don't you wish it would not be snowing? It's snowing on April 6, 2009? Plus its a blizerd! Get that out of your mind and think of your birthay! You are 39 today! Love, Nico

I love it.

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