Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last-minute holiday cheer

So I've finally stopped being so Grinch-like about the holidays. Thanks to Nico, who helped me snap out of my Bah! Humbug!-ness with his cute, crafty holiday projects; my friend Bethany, who brought me a tiny Christmas tree to my office; and my pal Claire, who strongly advised me to have a martini (or three) at her holiday party last weekend, I am now officially feeling the Christmas spirit. Plus, I watched "Love Actually" a few times, one of my favorite sentimental holiday movies.

I'm still not finished wrapping gifts and have not yet mailed out our holiday cards, but at least I'm not feeling as overwhelmed and crabby about it all as I was a few weeks ago. I have to say that Nico's excitement about Christmas has been contagious. When we decorated the tree together, he was totally fun and lovable about it. So when he begged me to take cameraphone pics of him and Nolan wearing reindeer antlers and Santa caps, how could I resist?

Happy Holidays!

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