Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nico rocks at Rock Band

So for Father's Day, I gave my husband, my darling Guitar Hero, a new game: Rock Band.

The game comes with a drum kit, so it was much harder to hide from Nico. With Guitar Hero 3, we would just wait until he fell asleep before busting out the game guitar. Then, when we were done, we'd simply stash the guitar in a closet. We got away with this for months. Nolan was part of the conspiracy too. As his big bro snored away, Nolan either sat next to us on the sofa or bounced along as we Baby Bjorned him while rocking out.

Because the Rock Band drum kit is not easy to stuff into a closet, we decided to let Nico in on the family secret that we have XBox 360. Now Nico is a hard rockin' fool. He isn't very good at the guitar or drums, so he puts all his energy into singing. Check out this video of Nico's first foray at Rock Band. He's singing Radiohead's "Creep".


Nico didn't really know the lyrics so he was mainly trying to read along. He was stunned, though, when the crowd turned on him.


Meg said...

I can hear Nico saying, "Fine! Fine! Whatever!" after the crowd turns...

beseechingbethany said...

I like his little dance while he's singing. Very cute.

I MUST play this game with you!

auntie linda said...

Wow! Like Aunt like nephew. I LOVE singing *creep* too. ;)

Anonymous said...

FYI, Nico does a MUCH better version of Creep than Auntie Linda....shhhh!!!!!!!!! Joemy