Monday, December 17, 2007

I heart Auntie Linda

Nico misses his Auntie Linda. While we were in California, Linda spent a lot of time spoiling her nephews. Nico adores her.

On one night, while Vic and I went to his company's holiday party, Lin, her girlfriend and some of their friends babysat Nico and Nolan at Lin's place in San Francisco. Nico was intrigued by her apartment in the Mission District. He had never seen anything like it.

When we got back from California, Nico talked about Lin all the time and kept asking when we would return to visit her. When he heard that Vic met up with her for dinner after Nico, Nolan and I had already returned to Cleveland, Nico demanded details: "You're with Auntie Linda? Are you at her apartment? You are? You're not? Who's there then? What are their names?"

Nico created a five-page book about his trip that included two pages about the airplane trip, one page about the tram from the airport to the rental car station and a final page about Linda. That page had a drawing of him and Linda standing side by side and read, "I wis I coud see ate [Auntie] lindu agin!"


auntie lin said...

and i heart my nico and nolan too. but truth be told, nico is in fact my favorite nephew. OOPS!!! auntie lindu is not supposed to say that i guess. but i've adored nico for 5 plus years now and nolan is just a cute blob of something that is still being developed. plus, nico can read now. so he might as well read that i love him the mostest!! haha. just kidding. as a second sibling myself, i love them the same.
auntie lin

Lisa said...

Yeah? Well, Nolan isn't such a big fan of you either! I mean, just look at his expression in this photo.

auntie lin said...

i know. nolan is not too pleased with me...but i'll win him over.. i always do!!! ;)