Monday, November 19, 2007

Nolan's first outings

So far, Nolan's life has been pretty boring. He mainly eats, sleeps, fills his diapers and enjoys a little "tummy time" every day. Since his life is otherwise pretty monotonous, I think he really enjoys excursions outside the house.

When he was two weeks old, Vic and I took him to the Case Western Reserve University Homecoming game. He won't remember it, but we spent a good part of the game with me nursing him in the press box.

On weekdays, Vic and I take Nolan to pick up Nico from kindergarten. It's such a pretty walk through the leafy streets of Cleveland Heights. While Nolan doesn't seem to enjoy car rides the way Nico did as an infant, he really seems to like being in the stroller.

Twice a week, we take Nolan along to the Cleveland Heights Community Center for Nico's kuk sul won lessons. He really seems to like watching the kids tumbling around, practicing kicks and punches.

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