Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My brother, the turkey

Thanksgiving family portrait
(not pictured: Nolan Thomas. In his place, a turkey!)
Nico brought home a drawing he made at school the other day. I'm probably reading too much into it, but I noticed that this was the first family drawing he created that didn't portray me and him standing side by side holding hands. In fact, in this drawing, there is a small, bald creature between me and Nico.

Understanding that Nico has felt a bit displaced since the arrival of his baby brother, I sat down with Nico and asked, "Oh, is this Nolan standing between us?" "Nolan?" Nico responded. "No. That's a turkey!"


Chris said...

lady, you clearly still don't understand the male thought process.

it is very typical for the woman to think the male is thinking deep thoughts about relationships (particularly relationship with said woman), when in facy the male is of course simply thinking about food and/or sports...

we're really not all that complex.

Bethany said...

Hilarious! It DOES look way more like a turkey than Nolan though, so you should be impressed with the artwork and not upset by the absence of one little brother.

Megan said...

A turkey? "For reals?"