Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy birthday to me

I can't believe I'm 37.

I still watch MTV (Vic says he's going to cut me off when I turn 40). I still listen to Justin Timberlake. I still read Us Weekly. And am I going to be a pop culture fanatic for the rest of my life? Or will I finally outgrow it at some point?

It's interesting because even though Vic is a few months younger than me, he comes across as much more mature and serious. He has rarely been carded in his life - but then again, that's probably because he started sprouting facial hair at age nine. I used to get carded all the time. Even up until a year or so ago, I've been mistaken for a student.

The last few years have taken a toll on me, though. I don't know how much of it is due to the natural aging process and how much of it is from the stress of work, life. Even though I haven't spotted a gray hair yet, I'm noticing my body gradually aging. My bones creak sometimes. Lines are starting to show on my face. When did I get old?

My birthday itself was very nice. My parents watched Nico while Vic and I had dinner at Maharaja, an Indian restaurant we both really like. Vic loves the cashew naan they have there. He usually orders chicken tikka, while I get baingan bharta, an eggplant dish. Afterward, we saw "Blades of Glory" - a movie featuring Will Ferrell, one of my faves!

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