Wednesday, April 26, 2006

He loves me, he loves Vic not

Things are so awesome with Nico these days. A few weeks ago, he told me for the first time that he loves me! I've waited three and a half years for this!

Now every morning when he wakes up, he comes over, kisses me a zillion times and says, "I love you, Mama. I love you so much times." I tell him, "I love you too, Nico. I love you ALL the time" and he replies, "Me too." Then Vic tries to butt in with "Ohh! Do you love me too?" to which Nico replies, "I like you a little bit."

I'm not sure why Nico is so in love with me these days. He's constantly complimenting me: "M
ama, you are cute and you are pretty and I am hamsome." Then of course, Vic has to butt in again and be all, "What about me?" Nico's response: "You are ugggerry."

It's amazing that Nico is so into me these days. I guess there is something to that Oedipus complex stuff after all.

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