Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost: my exobrain

I lost my iPhone two days ago.

I am completely lost without my exobrain and am trying to convince my husband that I need to get a replacement (upgraded model, though, of course) ASAP. Vic and I are not on the same page about this. He reluctantly bought me my first iPhone (now the one he uses) for my birthday in April two years ago.

Here's an excerpted transcript of our phone conversation this morning:

Vic: I'm looking into the iPhone stuff. I emailed you a bunch of links.
me: OK.
Vic: You should probably go to the Apple store. Find out what your options are - correction - find out what your CHEAPEST options are.
me: Cheapest?
Vic: Yeah. Don't just walk in there with the mindset of "I'm coming out with a new iPhone."
me: Uh-huh.
Vic: I mean, if you have to get another phone, your best bet may be a refurbished iPhone 3Gs.
me: Hmm. I was thinking iPhone 4.
Vic: Well, I'm due next for the upgrade.
me: I knew you would say that. I'll see what it costs.
Vic: Don't buy anything or sign any new contracts without calling me first.
me: I have to go.

What iPhone should I get?
Get the top-of-the line model. You deserve it!
Get a refurbished older model - the cheaper the better. free polls


Anthony Fossaceca said...

I let my wife get the first of all tech tools. I'm determined to get her that iPad this year so I can go after her. Line jumping isn't an option.

Lisa said...

Anthony, do you let Sherri get the new gadget first so she can experience the thrill of owning a cutting-edge toy? Or do you do that so she is stuck with the model that doesn't quite have its kinks worked out yet? I'm just trying to understand you menfolk.

jonathan said...

The 3GS is $49 from AT&T right now.

I know this isn't helping. Any chance we'll see you this weekend?