Monday, December 14, 2009

Annual holiday photo, take 3981

The Holiday Cards Project is still kinda stressing me out. Ever since we had kids, I've felt pressured to come up with cards that feature a cute photo of our offspring. It really shouldn't be that hard getting two boys to pose for a photo. Right?

I mean, after all, it seems that every parent I know handles this without incident. My friend Laura manages it with *five* (with another on the way) kids! Five! They wear adorable matching outfits and all smile at the same time, with everyone looking into the camera. There is no eye-rolling, no crying, no sulking.

For me and Vic, it is exhausting trying to get the boys to cooperate. By the time we are done, everyone needs a nap.


GP said...

Who needs matching Cosby sweaters and group smiles when you have eye-rolling and antler headbands? I think people who know you would appreciate and totally dig it.

Sure, I'm a childless hack who doesn't do holiday cards. But the cheesemiesters don't make it on my fridge way past January.

Chris said...

We avoid this problem by not sending out holiday cards. Problem solved.

Sue said...

Don't worry so much about the theme of the card, look through your photos from the whole year and find something you like. I always like getting photos that allow me a little glimpse into the life of my far away friends.

Brenna said...

I want to write the caption. "Has Mom been drinking again? Screw these effing antlers...."

Lisa said...

this is the best holiday picture i've ever seen!