Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day = no heartbreakers

For Mothers' Day, Nico gave me three gifts he made in school:
  • a big, red (my favorite color) construction paper card
    The front said, "Happy Mothers day!!" in giant letters with a balloon drawn next to the words. The inside had instructions: "Draw a pitchure, and I'll draw a pitchure!" Then there was the personal message, written in pencil:
    Dear Mommy,
    Happy Mothers day!
    Hope you have a speacteaculer day.
    Hope your not sick too!
  • a beaded keychain
    Nico threaded beads of my favorite color (red) and his favorite colors (blue and black) for this project.
  • a letter
    Nico wrote a message to me in pencil that read:
    To: Mom
    From: Nico
    Dear Mommy,
    Happy Mother's Day!
    I love you because yore my S.P.S.S. [Super Pretty Super Star]. You are the best mom in the world because yore beautiful.

    Next to his signature was a picture of a heart, with a line bissecting it with "Mommy" on on the left half and "Nico" on the right. On one side of the page, he had another interactive area where I was told "(Do it yorself)" and "Draw yourself" next to his "(Do it myself) and "Draw myself". The idea, I guess, was to have a self-portrait of me next to a self-portrait of him. Then there was a picture of a big broken heart with my name and his name on the ripped heart, with a slash through it. I take it to mean "no broken hearts allowed". This makes sense. Whenever Nico is pleased with me, he declares, "You're my superstar!" When he's upset with me, he whispers in my ear, "You're my heartbreaker."
On the back of the letter, Nico drew a heart within a heart within a heart - with at least a dozen layers - labeled "Humungus Heart". He also included a short customer satisfaction survey, which I found interesting, considering what Vic does for a living. It had one simple question: "Do you like it?" with checkboxes for Yes and No.

I checked Yes.

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