Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A typical scene in our house

Nico and Nolan are developing quite the love-hate sibling relationship:

Video Synopsis:
Nico and Nolan are playing in Nolan's Pack 'N' Play - yes, Nico weighs way too much to be sitting in there. Nico starts doing Kuk Sool Won moves on Noli, and Noli protests. The sleepy younger sibling motions to be lifted out of the playpen, but once he realizes that his mother will not put down the camera, resigns himself to enduring his brother's torture. After Nico finishes with the martial arts practice, he continues to antagonize Nolan by mocking him and repeatedly throwing a ball at his head.


Bash said...

wow! Nico's all grown up now... he's completely lost all the baby cuteness and now looks like a handsome young man :-). pls give both of them hugs from us!

beseechingbethany said...

"Alright, Whatever!" _ I love his teen angst.

Claire said...

Umm, jealous teenager much?