Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Laundry, laundry everywhere

I have a laundry marathon ahead of me tonight as we get ready for our trip to Taiwan.

Right now, I think my friends are more excited about the trip than I am. I'm looking forward to my extended family finally meeting Vic and Nico for the first time, but I'm also anxious about traveling abroad with them and my parents. Already, my mom calls multiple times a day reminding me to pack enough underwear for Nico.

Vic is really looking forward to the trip. He went out and bought several maps and guidebooks as soon as we booked the flights. I forget sometimes that he has such a deep intellectual curiosity. He's been Google Earth-ing and YouTube-ing Taiwan like a maniac.

Nico is also very excited about the trip too, particularly the "airplane ride". I really hope he enjoys the trip. I know it's going to be major culture shock for him, as he is just now becoming aware of cultural differences and has been referring to my dad as "the Chinese guy".

I'll probably be more excited once the laundry is done and the bags are packed.

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