Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Farewell, diapers!

Hooray! This may be my last post about poo!

Nico has made a ton of progress lately, on the toilet-training front. His preschool teachers decided to bump him up to the next class, even though he wasn't really potty-trained yet. The idea was that the older kids would model desired behavior and he would follow suit. It's working!

I think it also helped that Nico's good buddy, Jacob, came over last week. They had a one-on-one sit-down. While the adults were gathered at the dining table feasting on Chinese New Year treats, Jake and Nico sat by themselves at the little table. Jake looked Nico in the eye and said, "So. Why don't you want to poop in the potty?" Nico was quiet and looked away. Since then, Nico has been pooping in the potty - a lot.

Now, Nico will brag to anyone who will listen: "I pooped in the potty today! I pooped a BIG one! Yeah! It hurt me."

I am so happy!

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