Monday, October 10, 2005

This is how kids become spoiled

So I think Nico is getting quite spoiled. He's already very manipulative and seems to think he's my peer. Whenever I tell him to get ready for bed time or dinner time, he takes it as a suggestion and not an order.

I've known for some time that he has my parents wrapped around his very little finger, but I discovered more evidence of it yesterday. He had spent the late afternoon with them and apparently talked them into taking him to Richmond Mall so he could play with the Thomas the Tank Engine set-up at the Borders bookstore there. He also persuaded them to let him ride all sorts of 50-cent rides. And then he got them to go on the escalator several times.

When I went to pick him up, Nico gloated to me that he went shopping and ate "chocklit cookie". I asked my dad about it and learned that the last time they had gone to the mall, Nico saw some people eating cookies and he wanted one too. My parents said no and he had a full-blown meltdown. He laid on the floor and refused to get up. My parents caved in and got him a cookie. So this time, he led my parents to the store, pointed, and said, simply, "GET IT." They did. Rrrr. Vic and I don't let him eat anything like that at unless it's a special occasion - a birthday party, etc.

Nico totally knows how to play us. I need to figure out a way to teach him that he's not the boss. Dr. Phil would be disgusted with me.

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